Speed ​​certificates get metro, know how much speed will be

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On Tuesday, the Metro ran its maximum speed of 60 km per hour between Transportwark and Mawaiya on Tuesdays. After getting the Speed ​​Certificate from the RDSO, the metro train will be able to get maximum 90 km in the coming days. Will be run at the speed of the hour.

So far 30 km At the speed of hourly the Metro trial was going on. Metro officials say that getting this Speed ​​Certificate from RDSO is an important step towards commencement of commercial run.

For the commercial run again the LMRC will be required to accept Speed ​​Certificate RDSO. Due to the possibility that the trial run will start in the last week of February, the RDSO has begun to cause a delay in commercial run.

At the same time, LMR officials are still claiming that both RDSO Trial and CRS investigations will be completed before March 26. The commercial run of the Metro will start from March 26.

LMRC is in the process of preparing the DPR for the second and third phase Metro construction. For this permission of the Chief Secretary is necessary first. In this way, LMRC has sought time for the presentation of six new corridors included in the two-phase metro and their work plan ahead of the Chief Secretary.
LMRC officials say that on February 3, the executive body has given presentation to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) commissioner Bhuvnesh Kumar.
It has got the consent of all the departments. After this, the permission of the Chief Secretary is to get permission from the report of the Fascion Study. The consent of Chief Secretary in the presentation will be taken by LMRC and DMRC officials.

After this, based on the feasibility report, for the first four corridors, the LMRC will form the second phase DPR in the next three-four months after processing tender. DMRC has been given Rs 2.8 crore for creating a feasibility report for six new corridors. Its 30 percent has been paid to the DMRC.