Where and in what price you will get in Lucknow metro smart card

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LMRC is busy completing all the preparations before the commercial run on March 26th. On one side, by March 15, Lucknow Metro has the goal of applying four automatic machines to all stations.
Two of these will be removed from the tokens and two to the smart card can be recharged. On the other hand, LMRC is working on plans to sell Go Smart Card. In the first phase, it is ready to sell 50,000 smart cards.
These cards will be able to buy 200 rupees from the counters on the metro stations. An official of LMRC said that for the priority section, two to two token vending machines (TVMs) and two-two recharge card terminal machines (RCTMs) will be installed at all eight stations.

RCTM will be used to recharge the smart card issued by the Lucknow Metro on the basis of debit or credit card. In addition to the Metro, the Gou Smart Card will also be able to pay rent for city buses operating under the Smart City project. In this case, the same card will be able to travel in the city bus and train.

RDSO conducted the Lucknow Metro trial on Wednesday at 50-60 km per hour. Meanwhile the winds of air suspension of coaches were fired. In this way, non-air suspension coaches were seen on the track.

Officials say this is the security protocol. It is believed that if due to some reason the air suspension of the coaches of the train filled with passengers leaks, then there can be a major accident.
Therefore, the RDSO train without any air suspension will run the train at maximum speed. Under this process, the RDSO will repeat the load by sowing the sand of 80 tonnes in the train.
Ganga has started its work 36 days after starting ‘Gomati’ TBM excavation. For the digging downline of the downline from the Secretariat to Hazratganj, on Wednesday afternoon, another TBM’s MD, Kumar Keshav started the formal launch by pressing the button.

LMRC officials said that Ganga TBM started digging in the shaft built on the secretariat. At the same time, Gomati has crossed the assembly while digging. There is a tunnel of about 800 meters long between the secretariat and Hazratganj.