Metro Trial Cancel – Hastily ran subway or Metro officials are speaking now lie?

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We’ll see now … the waiting subway metro Lucknow resident stood but did not. The trial was scheduled for Saturday Lucknow Metro. Sources said that the metro is a few technical problems.Sources said that the metro is a few technical problems. But Metro officials said, denying speculation Alstorm Metro’s technical team before the trial and some other point of the trial which led Merto trial could not be held.But Metro officials, the argument leaves behind itself a question that was not able to run at the track on Saturday elevated subway on December 1, after all, why it was the run?

Metro officials argue what?

Ekin senior PRO Amit Srivastava last day of the trial reports were sent to France. They came in the morning on the track before running feedback Curve Test, Test, Test slope to rest. This will be possible only after the trial. All trials will be hoping to 8 pm on Saturday night. But that is only natural, therefore, to question if the expert team today on December 1 if allowed Troylki Akhilesh ran ahead after showing how the subway?
Also on 28 November, the group went up ways Dudai metro. Now either because of political pressure or the metro ran and some Metro officials are lying. However, in response, said Amit Metro officials in the past with the expert team was on the spot in the metro ran monitored. Soon the rest of the trial will once again look to the public Metro.

Let’s show the opposition has already accused the SP government rushed into the subway running Akiles are putting on the government.